How a single page of quality web content can earn you tens of thousands of dollars.

by Nick Usborne on May 5, 2010

I’m not talking about a sales page here. This isn’t about copywriting, it’s about writing great content for your website.

So how can “editorial” make you so much money?

It’s not so hard.

Great content on ecommerce sites can attract a ton of organic traffic and significantly improve conversions.

However, my own experience with high-earning content pages has been focused more on earning revenues through affiliate programs or contextual advertising with Google AdSense.

Recently I did an audit of my best performing pages.

My best page, which was a lengthy review of a course, I wrote back in 2004. It doesn’t earn me as much today as it did a few years ago, but the checks keep coming in each month.

When I did the math, I was shocked to discover that single page has earned me over $53,000 in affiliate commissions.

I have another page, a review of a handbook for B2B online markers, which has earned me over $30,000 over a similar time scale.

And I have a page promoting a particular brand of coffee makers which has earned me over $25,000.

While I don’t have any single pages which have made me that kind of money with contextual advertising, I do have hundreds of pages on which those ads appear. And the revenues from those pages are also in five figures.

There are two big takeaways here…

1. It makes sense to focus on quality. These days, with content mills and free articles from article directories, it is easy to fill your website with “OK” content. That’s not good enough. There is “OK” content everywhere on the web, and a lot of bad content too.

When I look back at my top-performing pages, they were all pages over which I took a lot of time and trouble. Each page is very carefully optimized to attract search engine traffic. And each is informative, helpful and detailed.

I maybe spent a day each writing pages like that. But a $50,000 return for a day’s work isn’t so bad.

Which brings me to point number two.

2. One good page of content can earn you more than writing an e-book, a physical book or even a course.

Of all the people writing e-books, books and courses or programs, most don’t earn more than $50,000 for their efforts. Some do, but the vast majority don’t.

Now think of the time it takes to write, market and deliver those products.

Wouldn’t you rather write a really good page of content and then sit back and watch it earn you money, month after month and year after year?

The final takeaway…

When it comes to web content, too many people think the answer lies in quantity. It doesn’t, it lies in quality.

It is always worth spending twice as long writing a high quality page which attracts a ton of free traffic and then converts readers into clickers.

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