The origins and purpose of the Web Content Café.

“Nick Usborne gets it! All the great programming in the world won’t help you if you can’t express yourself online. It’s about the words, dummy.” — Seth Godin

My name is Nick Usborne, and I have been writing web content and copy since 1994.

For the first few years I was writing just for my own websites. But from 1998 onwards I wrote web content and copy professionally, for companies large and small.

One week I would find myself flying across the continent to conduct web content training seminars for large companies such as Yahoo!, Disney and the J. Paul Getty Trust. Another week I would be working with very small companies, or with individuals who wanted to create websites of their own.

I have written a couple of books on writing for the web – Net Words (2001) and New Path to Riches (2009). I also keep busy writing programs, courses and guides for online writers.

Over the years I have noticed, for large companies and small, that content creation can become a bit of a challenge. At least, it can be hard to maintain a constant flow of quality content.

It is to address this challenge that I created the Web Content Café.

The purpose of this site is two-fold.

First, to deliver a new content idea or approach each day. These content ideas are intended to kick-start you each day, so you can keep adding new pages to your website or blog, without feeling bogged down.

Second, to share best practices in web content creation, so every page or post you create is optimized to fulfil its purpose.

Whether you work within a company, or as freelancer, or as the creator of your own websites – I think and hope you find this website useful.

Nick Usborne

P.S. You can learn more about me and my work at