Your privacy and the Web Content Café.

First things first. When you sign up as a member, I will get your email address. I’ll need that to give you notice of payment etc. But I won’t ever share, sell, barter or in any way pass on your email address to anyone else, or to any other company or organization.

Next, I won’t be flooding you with promotional emails. I’m not going to say I’ll never send you any kind of promotional email ever. For instance, maybe down the road a ways I might add a series of teleseminars or webinars as part of your membership. In that situation, I would certainly email you to let you know. Or I might write a book or course on the topic of web content and feel an overwhelming urge to tell you about it.

What I’m trying to say is that while I might email you occasionally, membership doesn’t come with a barrage of regular promotional and up-selling emails.

If you think I ever get to the point when I’m sending too many emails, just let me know.

As for whether I’m a real person, yes I am.

My name is Nick Usborne

My email address is

And here is where I live:

5101 Blvd Gouin East

Montreal North

Quebec H1G 1A3